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Thursday 28 September 2017

What is Carrageenan Powder? Learn A Lot of Information About It

You might question what is carrageenan powder as you often read it in the ingredient list of many kinds of product that you purchase in the supermarket. Indeed many manufacturers are using this item in the product that they create. The reason is because this powder has greatly helped them in the making process of the product which also gives them a lot of advantages. That is why; you can find a lot of products which uses this powder in the ingredient list from personal care products even to food products which you may consume every day. Thus it is very necessary for you to know what this powder is really about.

What is Carrageenan Powder made from?
To answer your question about what is carrageenan powder, and then you should know that this powder has unique properties which make it stabilize, gel and thicken the product in which this powder is mixed inside. That is only natural since this product as ability to bind itself into protein ion which contained inside the product. This is also the reason why a lot of product which uses milk as well as meat on the ingredient list also has this powder in the ingredient list.
You already know that milk as well as meat contained a lot of protein ion, thus this powder can easily bind itself into the ion inside. Then with the usage of this powder in the ingredient list, then the product itself can become thicker even though it did not use too much protein in the ingredient list. Thus adding this powder will really reduce the number of ingredient which added in the production process. But they would not even worry as the end product that they create will still be the same texture, appearance and thickness as it should normally.
So when you ask what is carrageenan powder usage advantage for the manufacturer? There are actually a lot of advantages that the manufacturer will get when using this powder in their ingredient list. First advantage is that they can create the same quality product but with using small number of ingredient list. Second advantage is that they then can sell that end product with cheaper price as the making cost is already reduced by the addition of this product in the ingredient list. Third advantage is that their end product will be bought by more people thus the availability of their product will also get increased. Fourth advantage is since the product is bought by more people this also means that they will get more sales number which increase their overall profit. This is why this powder usage is really advantageous for the manufacturer.
Now when you ask what is carrageenan powder made from, then you will need to learn further more about this powder. Actually this powder is made from edible type of red seaweed which actually a type of vegetable that can grow inside the sea. So when the manufacturer wants to create this product then they also need to create the farm. Making the farm itself is quite easy as they will only need to use stick made of bamboo which stand on the sea. Then they also need string made of nylon which tied on the stick and also become the growing place of the red seaweed. Actually the red seaweed need months until the harvest time can be done.
Next you need to ask what is carrageenan powder extracting process, since you need to know more about the method. The extracting process can be done by drying, grounding, sifting, and cleaning the red seaweed to remove all dirt from it. Next is to trigger the formation of carrageenan by boiling the red seaweed inside alkali liquid. Cellulose is also formed by this process which easy to remove as it only needs mechanical method to do it. Next is to evaporate the liquid from this extracting process, so only solid carrageenan is available. Then the next process is to make the carrageenan powder by grinding this solid form.
Those are the answers to your question what is carrageenan powder, so you will be more informed about this item. Now you can know all about the powder that you can find in many kinds of product that you use.

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