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Sunday 24 September 2017

Yellowfin Tuna Supplier Versus Other Tuna Fishes

Yellowfin tuna supplier produces various products to their customer within the markets. They can manage to deliver high quality exported products for yellow tuna along with other species of tuna such as skipjack and albacore. Yellowfin itself marketed as ‘light tuna’ under canned, fresh, frozen, steaks, fillets, and pouches. Yellowfin number 1 quality usually distributed to Japan market, while quality number 2 is enough for US market.
Both fresh and frozen yellowfin is marketed to food stores or markets with variety range from steaks to loins. Early fall season is the best time you can get fresh yellowfin tuna fish since demands drop but the landings still offering good quality tuna. Learn more about yellowfin supplier by reading all the information below.

Yellowfin tuna versus skipjack and albacore tuna
Yellowfin, skipjack, and albacore tuna are the most common fish produced by yellowfin tuna supplier as canned product, fresh, and frozen. Albacore tuna more known as white tuna has lighter color than the rest. Yellowfin and skipjack tuna flesh range from dark red to pink in color and often being called as light tuna along with tongol fish. Yellowfin has lower mercury than albacore fish since they have smaller size than albacore, but they have lower amount of nutrition as well. Meanwhile, skipjack tuna has lower mercury compared with yellowfin with stronger taste than the fish. Yellowfin has milder flavor when you consumed it.
In the end, which tuna do you choose is a matter of personal preference since if you like to eat stronger and tastier taste then you should choose skipjack tuna, but if you like milder taste then you can pick either yellowfin or albacore. But due to mercury content level, you may need to take yellowfin tuna instead of albacore.
In addition, albacore tuna is somehow more “pricey” than both yellowfin and skipjack tuna. If you want to purchase canned tuna, it is better to check the cans of tuna first and see the label to ensure the types of tuna you want to buy. Skipjack and yellowfin tuna distributed by yellowfin tuna supplier factory averagely labeled as light chunk of tuna, in contrast with albacore tuna which is labeled as white chunk of tuna. They are together promote good nutrition intake for your body.
Yellowfin tuna nutrition offers healthy content that good to maintain your body health including omega 3 fatty acids. This omega 3 is good to help prevent cardiovascular disease and to improve brain function thanks to its EPA and DHA content. Moreover, there are lean protein, vitamins, minerals, calcium, potassium, selenium, and other nutrients inside the tuna fish. In conclusion, eating tuna brings more nutrition for your body to take and this is why many major organizations like to recommend people eating tuna at least 2 or 3 servings each week in order to their body get necessary nutrition intake.
How about the mercury concern?
Yellowfin tuna supplier products such as fresh and frozen, of course has more mercury level than canned or tin fish product. But it does not mean you cannot eat yellowfin tuna because as long as you can limit the consumption level then small amount of mercury will not affect adult body. Oppositely, it is better if pregnant and nursing mother, young children, and babies avoiding consume tuna fish because they are more sensitive to the methyl mercury content especially unborn baby or infant and thus women who pregnant and even those who want to pregnant better avoid to eat tuna fish for awhile until they are okay to eat tuna fish again.
Yellowfin tuna supplier products form
There are many forms available distributed by yellowfin suppliers, like for fresh tuna, it can be packaged as canned, raw which usually used as sushi or sashimi main ingredient, portions, loins, and steaks. As for frozen tuna supply, they like to send them as steaks, potions, and loins. Yellowfin tuna canned product is very popular among them all because the product easier to be found at many grocery stores worldwide and not to mention they are cheaper than fresh seasonal tuna. Having yellowfin products from yellowfin tuna supplier is never wrong, you just need to find reputable and trusted suppliers to give what you need with the best quality they can get.

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