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Thursday 28 September 2017

Carrageenan Suppliers in Indonesia for Personal Care Factory Business

For those who has personal care factory, you might search for some carrageenan suppliers in Indonesia to send their product to your factory. As you know the carrageenan is not only used on food product but also on other things such as personal care product. Thus you might also want to use this item as one of the ingredient in your personal care product. Still when you want to create the best personal care product, you also need to get the best carrageenan product to be used. And as you know that Indonesia has one of the best carrageenan product, thus you might want to search some suppliers which located in this country.

Carrageenan suppliers in Indonesia factory

As a factory owner, you might already know that carrageenan itself has unusual ability which able to thicken, stabilize and gel other things which mixed together with it. That is because the carrageenan own properties which trigger the substance to bind well with protein inside the other things that mixed together with it. That is the reason why many products which contains protein from meat or dairy also often use this carrageenan substance as one of the ingredient inside the list.
But then when it comes to personal care product, the important thing that needs to be done is to make the product has suitable thickness and the right texture which people hope to have from this kind of product. Even though you might think that personal care product does not have any protein content inside, but it still have some other substance which need to be thicken. And adding the carrageenan inside this personal care product will do exactly that so the thickness as well as the texture of the personal care product should have.
Furthermore they also able to reduce the amount of ingredient that actually needed to create the same texture and thickness when there is no carrageenan added inside. Thus even though the ingredient is actually less than it should be but the appearance and the quality of the product is still the same with the help of these carrageenan suppliers in Indonesia product. This also means that the personal care product can be sold in cheaper price as the ingredient is reduced. Thus more people will be able to afford the product that your personal care factory created. This also means that you will get more profit as you will be able to sell more product quantity to the customer.
Of course before you get in touch with some carrageenan suppliers in Indonesia, you surely want to know more about the method that they do in order to create the best product. First you might already know that the carrageenan itself is taken from several species of red seaweed. Thus the suppliers need to get enough amount of red seaweed to create decent amount of carrageenan product to be send to your personal care factory. And to do that, the only thing that they can do is to actually farm the red seaweed themselves.
Of course, the planting process needs to be done in the sea and it is quite easy since Indonesia has large sea area. To keep the red seaweed in easy reach, then it will be grow using line of strings which actually made using nylon material. The carrageenan suppliers in Indonesia will also hung that strings into floating sticks which made using bamboo as it can float easily. It will take around 3 months time for the red seaweed to be finally harvest then dried by the farmer that works on the farm. Then the result will be send to the supplier’s factory.
After the result arrived to the carrageenan suppliers in Indonesia factory then it will be ground so it can be sift and wash since the worker needs to remove impurities from it. Then the workers will soak it using alkali solution and heat it up in order to create the carrageenan from it.
There is some cellulose which also created from the process but it can easily get rid through mechanical process. Next is to evaporate and grind the result to create powdered form carrageenan. With those methods the carrageenan suppliers in Indonesia can create their best product to be used on your personal care factory.

What is Kappa Carrageenan Usage and Production Process?

There are some people that question about what is kappa carrageenan, as you might never hear about this substance before. But you should know that people inside the industries are actually very knowledgeable about this substance. That is why; people inside the industries have been using this substance for a long time when they create many kinds of product. Furthermore the carrageenan substance itself is known for the ability which able to gel, stabilizes, and thickens, other substance which mixed with it. Thus when the product is mixed with this substance, then the appearance will be better thus the production process will be easier. This is the reason for the usage of carrageenan in creation of many kinds of product from personal care to food product.

Learn more about what is kappa carrageenan
If you want to know what is kappa carrageenan, then you should know that it is a kind of carrageenan that made using Kappaphycus alvarezii which is one species of red edible seaweed. This kind of carrageenan is actually able to make strong as well as rigid gel if potassium ion is available inside the mixture. Thus many products which made from diary is created using kappa carrageenan inside the mixture. The kappa carrageenan itself only has 1 sulphate set on each disaccharide. Furthermore this kind of carrageenan is only able to dissolve inside liquid in high temperature.
If you want to know what is kappa carrageenan usage; then you should know that this substance has many kinds of usage. First it can be used as food additive inside the food or thickening substance inside personal care product because of its ability that can thicken the product itself. Second it is commonly used to replace gelatin inside product for vegetarian and vegan since gelatin is made using animal source thus it cannot be used on that type of products. The kappa carrageenan itself is made using one species of red edible seaweed which actually is a plant, thus it is consider suitable for vegetarian and vegan product.
Next question that needs to be answer is about what is kappa carrageenan production process. The process began by the farming procedure of the kappa red seaweed species itself. You should know that this species of red seaweed can grows until 2 meter in height. Usually it has yellow and even green color. The growing process is also very fast since it cans double its amount only in 15 days time. That is why the farmer can easily farm it since it is ready to be harvest every three months when the weight is already 1 kg.
The farmer will use nylon line to control the kappa carrageenan growth, which usually hung in 2 meter depth. This line itself is attached to bamboo stick which floats on the surface. After the weight of kappa carrageenan plant is suitable enough, then it will be harvest to be used to make carrageenan substance that you question earlier.
The harvested kappa carrageenan will be dried first since the water content need to be removed before being shipped into the factory location. Then we are ready to answer your question about what is kappa carrageenan production process inside the factory. First process that the factory will do is the grinding process to make the raw material which is the kappa carrageenan itself becomes easier to be processed. Then the sifting process which is to remove any sand, that carried on the raw material accidentally. Of course washing process is done to completely remove other impurities.
Next is the soaking process using alkali solution which usually is the Potassium hydroxide that is in 5 to 8% of the overall amount. Then the heating process will be done to create the kappa carrageenan from the material, but there is also celluloses created during the making process. To get rid all of the celluloses, then centrifugation process as well as filtration process is done. Next is the evaporation process to make the result into more solid form even though drying process is still done afterwards. Last is the grinding process which makes it into finer powder form. Those are all the information that you need to know when you have question about what is kappa carrageenan so you will be more informed.

Carrageenan Factory in Indonesia with High Quality Product

Every manufacturer should be more informed about carrageenan factory in Indonesia as this factory has the best carrageenan product. The carrageenan itself is an item used in different kinds of product. So you might even need it in your own factory when you want to create some of the product you manufacture. If you have this item, then it will greatly help you creating it to be better in quality. Furthermore Indonesia country is known for their high quality carrageenan production, thus you might want to try to be in contact with them if you want to get your hands in one of their items.

Best production from carrageenan factory in Indonesia
You might not know that the carrageenan is a special item which able to thicken, stabilize and gel other things that mixed with this item. That is because this item has unique property that makes this item able to bind itself with the protein content inside the other things that mixed with this item. That is why; you might see many carrageenan factories in Indonesia clients are those from meat manufacturer or dairy manufacturer.
As you know the product which created by those two manufacturers have plenty of protein insides, thus the carrageenan will be able to bind easily with the product that they manufactured. Furthermore with the addition of carrageenan inside the product, then actually there is no need for too much protein inside the product itself since it will already be thicker because of the carrageenan ability which will thicken it. So when there is some carrageenan added into the product, then it can be made using fewer ingredients. However, the quality as well as the appearance of the end product will still be the same as it normally should with normal ingredient amount.
This is the reason why those manufacturers create their product with addition of item which created by carrageenan factory in Indonesia. With fewer ingredients that means they will be able to reduce the price of the product itself. Thus more people in different buying range will be able to purchase that product so their market range will get larger. This also means that they will be able to sell more products which eventually will give them more profits. So having a good quality carrageenan item to be used in your product manufacturing is essential thing to have.
But you may want to know how the carrageenan factory in Indonesia is able to create the item in high quality. As you know Indonesia has large sea region, this means that they are able to make red seaweed farm to be the place where the material used to create this product is developed. As the carrageenan is actually make from red seaweed, so the farm needs to be in large water area so they are able to create enough amount of red seaweed for the factory’s production process.
The red seaweed will be farm on strings made using nylon as the materials. Then those strings will be attached to sticks which made using bamboo as the materials. Those bamboo sticks will floats on the surface while the strings will be in 2 meters deep into the water. In a few months later, then the red seaweed is ready for harvest. It will also dry on the beach to remove the watery content so it will be send to the carrageenan factory in Indonesia location once it is dried.
The dried red seaweed is still being ground further so it can be sifted which will remove the sand from the beach. Then it will also be washed so no other materials attached on the red seaweed. When those processes are done, now it will be soaked using alkali liquid. Then the liquid along with the red seaweed will be heat up so the carrageenan indonesia will comes out from it. However there will also be some cellulose left behind from this process, which will be removed later using mechanical process. Lastly is the evaporation and grounding process to create the complete product.
By doing those processes the carrageenan factory in Indonesia is able to create the best quality product. That is why; you might want to order some of their product to be used in your own factory production.

Kappa Refined Carrageenan Production Process

You might want to know more information about kappa refined carrageenan since there are many products which created using this substance. The carrageenan itself often used in food since this substance can gel, stabilize and thicken various products. It usually binds strongly to protein inside the food that is why this substance is often used on product made using meat or dairy as the ingredient. Among many variety of carrageenan there is the kappa variety carrageenan. Inside every disaccharide of this carrageenan variety only a group of sulphate is available.

How to make kappa refined carrageenan
The kappa refined carrageenan can create rigid and strong gelling form when there are potassium ions. That is why; protein inside dairy product will react well with this carrageenan variety. The carrageenan itself is derived using red type of seaweed which is edible, and to create the kappa variety of carrageenan the Kappaphycus alvarezii species from the red type seaweed is used.
This red type of seaweed can grow up to 2 meters long and it has both yellow and green color variation. This type of red seaweed can grow very fast, it can even double the amount within 15 days. Thus this type of seaweed can be farmed very quickly when the plant already have 1kg weight. Usually it takes around three months before the next harvest can be done.
The red seaweed itself is actually a type of plant but it grows inside the water. Thus to create the kappa refined carrageenan, then manufacturer need to farm this red seaweed. It will be grow inside the sea at around 2 meter deep. To control the growth of the red seaweed, it is grown using lines which made from nylon material. These lines will then be hung on floating stick which made using bamboo material.
After the kappa red seaweed is harvest, then it will be dried and bail before being send to the factory as raw material for further process. Inside the factory, the raw material will be grind so it will be easier to process. Then it will be sifted so the sand that might attach to it can be removed. Next is to wash it so all impurities can be thoroughly removed.
Then the raw material will be soaked using alkali liquid in 5 to 8% amount, and the liquid usually used is the Potassium hydroxide although other alkali liquid can also be used. The reason why this type of liquid is used is because it can change the chemical reaction which able to increase the gelling ability of the kappa refined carrageenan when used to create the product. It is able to get rid some amount of the sulphate content inside the material molecules and at the same time, it will also increase more formation of 3,6 anhydrogalactose. When the substance has more 3,6 anhydrogalactose then it will also have better gelling strength.
Then the red seaweed along with the alkali liquid will be heat to dissolve the red seaweed to become solution. However, not all red seaweed are dissolved thus it will be remove using coarse filtration and centrifugation method or only one of the two methods. Then second filter is one by using pressure filter method inside filter aid. This aid can prevent the filtering cloth to be block because of the gelatinous and fine particle which available in the solution.
This solution usually contains around 1 until 3% of kappa refined carrageenan but it still need to be made to be solid form. To do it, the caraageenan factory will use freeze-thaw method which will pour the solution through small holes to be mixed with potassium chloride solution. This will result in spaghetti like carrageenan which still needs to be washed using potassium chloride solution and pressed to eliminate the water content before being frozen.
After it is thaw then the water will naturally separated, but it still needs to be washed using potassium chloride solution. Last it will be chopped then dried using hot air to create the kappa refined carrageenan end product. But because of those processes, then the end product also contains more potassium chloride compared to other type of carrageenan. But it is still have the same if not better ability when used as ingredient in several products.

Kappa Carrageenan Complete Information and Production

There must be some of you who want to have more information on kappa carrageenan as this name sound unfamiliar in our ears. However, this substance is actually very familiar on many industries since there are many products which use this substance as one of the carrageenan. The reason is because the carrageenan itself has the ability to thicken, stabilize, and gelling other things that mix with them. Thus many industries use those abilities to ensure the product that they create has great appearance as it should be. The products that are created using this substance are varied from food product to personal care product.

Learn more about kappa carrageenan production method
The kappa carrageenan is actually a type of carrageenan which created from Kappaphycus alvarezii that is a species of red seaweed used to create this substance. This type of carrageenan can create rigid and stronger gelling when there is potassium ion. That is why diary protein can react well with this type of carrageenan. Furthermore this type of carrageenan also only has a sulphate group for every disaccharide. This substance is also only soluble using water in hot temperature.
The usage of this type of carrageenan is usually as food additive inside food product or thickening agent on personal care product, and many others. Since the type of carrageenan is created from kappa species of red seaweed which is a species of plant grows under the sea water thus it is considered as vegan and vegetarian. That is the reason this substance is often used to replace gelatin which derived from animal when creating confectionery for vegan and vegetarian consumption.
The kappa carrageenan itself can grow until 2 meters in height, then the colors that this red seaweed has usually green or even yellow. Furthermore this species has fast growing ability, and usually the plant already grows twice as much only within 15 days. This is why, this kappa species of red seaweed can easily be farm since it is fast growing thus it can be harvest when the weight of the plant already reach 1 kg. Then it will take only three other months until next harvesting time.
The farming process itself is very is quite easy since the farmer will use nylon material to create the growing line. Then the line will be hung on the stick which float on the surface and created using bamboo as the material. Usually the line will have around 2 meters depth to match with the plant height. When the plant already has suitable weight, then it can be harvest easily with this setting.
After the kappa carrageenan is harvest by the farmer, and then it will be dried under the sun to remove the water content inside. Thus it is ready to be send into the factory which will process and make the substance.
Upon arrival the dried kappa species of red seaweed will be grind for easier process. Next is to sift the material to remove any sand that mixed inside. Then it is time to wash it so no other impurities that might mix inside.
To make the kappa carrageenan then the washed material will be soaked and heat inside 5 to 8% amount of alkali liquid. Usually the liquid used to make it is the Potassium hydroxide which able to increase the gelling properties that the substance has since the chemical reaction already been changed using this process. Furthermore the process itself can remove some of the sulphate inside the molecules of the material. The best thing is, this process can create more 3,6 anhydrogalactose formed inside the molecules. This formation is able to strengthen the gelling properties.
From this heating process, there will be carrageenan created along with several celluloses content which actually unwanted. To remove that unwanted content, then centrifugation as well as filtration procedure is done. After that mechanical procedure, then evaporation is the next process done to get only the carrageenan substance. Then the substance will be dried then it will be ground to make it into powder form which you will see in the market.
Those are the entire process needed to create the kappa carrageenan product that you see in the market and used in many kinds of product. Now you already know all information about this substance and the making process.

Carrageenan Manufacturers in Indonesia Best Production Method

If you own a food business then you might want to know more information about carrageenan manufacturers in Indonesia as their product will help you greatly. You might do not know but actually there are a lot of foods which contains carrageenan in the ingredient list. That is why; you should also try to use this thing as one of the ingredient that you use when you create your food item. Of course, you want to have this thing in high quality, this is why you should try to find information about the manufacturers in Indonesia as this country is known for their high quality carrageenan product.

Best carrageenan manufacturers in Indonesia
If you have not known, the carrageenan is a thing that is able to thicken, stabilize and gel the food product which mixed well with it. This thing can have that ability because it has the special property to bind itself with the protein inside the food product which mixed well with it. That is why, when you contact the carrageenan manufacturers in Indonesia, they will say that the thing they manufacture is suitable to be used in food product which made from milk or meat.
Surely you know that those two ingredients contain a lot of protein inside, so the carrageenan thing can easily bind inside the food item created using those two ingredients. So when you see the food item, it will be thicker with the presence of carrageenan inside even though actually it does not use too many milk or meat in the ingredient. This thing is able to make the food item created using those two ingredients to still have the same thickness, texture, as well as appearance as it should be.
That is one of the reasons why the food product is made using carrageenan in the ingredient list as they can use less amount of ingredient but still have the same quality product. By doing this step then the food product itself can be sold in cheaper value so more people will be able to buy this product. This also means that their market range will be bigger since more people will be able to afford this product. Then they will be able to sell the product in more quantity which also means that they will get more revenue in the end. So being in touch with great carrageenan manufacturers in Indonesia is a must thing that you should do as food business owner.
You might wonder how this manufacturer which located in Indonesia is able to create their thing with high quality. The answer lies on the location which is in Indonesia as this country is known to have large sea region. So the manufacturer can even create their red seaweed farm to create high quality raw material. Yes the carrageenan is actually created using red seaweed as the raw material.
When creating this high quality raw material then the carrageenan manufacturers in Indonesia will use lines of string made from nylon. These lines will be used to guide the red seaweed growth inside the sea at about 2 meters deep. To ensure that the lines will stay in place, then it will be tied into sticks made from bamboo, which able to float on the sea surface. After a couples of months then the red seaweed is ready for harvest and dried which will be done on the nearby beach.
Afterwards this material will be transfer into the carrageenan manufacturers in Indonesia location which may be a little bit far away from the sea. Nevertheless after the material arrived, then it will be grind, sift and then wash so no other things that will ruin the material. Next is to soak and heat the material inside alkali which will trigger the formation of carrageenan and cellulose. Do not worry as the cellulose can easily be dump from the mixture by using mechanical method. Afterwards is only evaporation as well as grounding method which will result in some carrageenan powder product.
That is the carrageenan manufacturers in Indonesia method which done to create high quality product for your food business. Now you do not need to be worry anymore since you will surely get high quality product if you use this manufacturer.

Carrageenan Suppliers for Fast Food Restaurant Business

If you have a plan to create a fast food restaurant, then you might need to have carrageenan suppliers as one of your suppliers to provide your restaurant with their product. You might not know that actually it is pretty common for a food to contain carrageenan inside the composition. So when you have this item, it will greatly help you with the food creation for your fast food restaurant. But of course, you would want item that has excellent quality as you want the food that you provided in the restaurant also have the excellent quality. That is the reason why you should also get the best supplier which able to supply your restaurant with excellent carrageenan quality.

Excellent carrageenan suppliers for your restaurant
When you have not know, this item is actually very special item as it can thicken, gel and stabilize other item that mixed inside it. This capacity is possible because it can bind itself with the protein which is inside the food composition. So when you have carrageenan suppliers contact number, then they will tell you that the item that the produce is very suitable to be used inside food with milk and meat as the composition.
As you know those if the food is made with milk and meat as the composition then it will have plenty of protein, thus the carrageenan is able to bind itself with those proteins. If you see closer, then the food which is made using carrageenan as the composition will be thick even though the protein composition inside is not too much. Thus by adding this item into the composition means you will be able to reduce other item in the composition but you will still get the exact thickness, appearance and texture that you usually get.
The reason why many food restaurants add this item in their composition is because they can create the food item with the same quality even though the composition is actually less than it should be. Thus by using this method then the food in that restaurant can be sold in cheaper price. Surely more people will come to your restaurant if your restaurant has cheaper price but also still have good quality food to serve. This means you will get more profit as more people come to dine in your restaurant. Thus having carrageenan suppliers as one of your supplier is very important for your restaurant business.
But before you contact them, you might want to know how the carrageenan suppliers production process is done so you will know whether they can give you excellent quality item or not. You should know that in order for the supplier to be able to give you excellent quality item, they will create a seaweed farm since it will be used to create the ingredient. Yes the carrageenan ingredient is actually the seaweed, and in this farm which located on the sea, they will be able to grow the seaweed in better quality.
The seaweed growth can be controlled when it is farmed, thus the quality of the seaweed which used as the ingredient to make carrageenan can be controlled perfectly. They can check whether the seaweed already has suitable weight or not since the seaweed is attached to line of strings. These strings usually drown in two meters deep so the seaweed can grow well under the sea. After the seaweed already has suitable weight, then it will be harvest to be used as the carrageenan ingredient. Before being sent to the carrageenan suppliers factory location, it will be dry first.
In the factory location, the seaweed will be chopped; filter and clean so no dirt can contaminate the ingredient. Then it come the boiling process which used high temperature inside alkali liquid. This process will then create the carrageenan with several celluloses from inside the seaweed. But do not worry as the celluloses can easily be removed with mechanical process. Next comes the evaporation process where the liquid will be removed, then further grinding is necessary so the carrageenan can be made into powder.
That powder is the one that will be sent by carrageenan suppliers to your food restaurant. as it is in the powder form, you will surely easier to use it inside the food component that you make.



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