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Sunday 24 September 2017

Milkfish Fillet for Easy and Superb Meals

Milkfish fillet will be a superb delicious meal to have for weekly menu. They offer healthy nutrients for body including vitamins and minerals. Omega 3 fatty acids which naturally contained in the milkfish have benefits to lower heart disease risk as well as good to enhance brain development. Regarding milk fish fillets, it is a style to market milkfish without bones and skins in the form of thin layered fish. Filleting milkfish is an expert job since you need to carefully remove the spines and ribs. Even an expert who skilled deboning fish still needs to spend plenty of time just to remove one milk fish.

Milkfish fillet is the best solution for easy preparation
If you want to stock your kitchen pantry with delicious seafood product then we recommend you try milkfish fillet product. Why fillet fish? Because it offers easier and quicker ready to be cooked seafood, you simply buy it at grocery store and then get back to home. Marinate the fish and cook it with various methods such as pan fried, grilled, baked, broiled, smoked, and many more.
How if you want to skip marinating time? Then you can buy milk fish fillet with extra seasonings so you just need to cook it without need to add extra seasonings. This is the simplest way to have nice breakfast without spend too much time to prepare it. Fillet fish can be served with steamed rice and vegetable fish to get you a healthy meal every week.
Milkfish is a good seafood product, it has mild flavor with almost white flesh and it is very soft to be eaten. Fresh milkfish fillet without bones and skins can be purchased from the fishmonger; you can ask them to fillet the fish if you cannot fillet yourself at home. Of course you will purchase for the cost to fillet the fish but it is all worth it once you cook then eat the fish. When you cannot purchase fresh fillet because you do not have an access for fresh fish, then alternatively you can buy frozen milkfish fillet at grocery store. Here are few guides when you want to buy frozen fillets:
-          Check to ensure there is no torn on the package
-          Check the nutrition facts to get the highest nutrient value among brands
-          Check the meats, it should be firm since they are perfectly frozen
-          Check to ensure there is no discoloration or visible sign of spoilage
Get back to home after you found fish fillets and if you do not want to use it soon then you can store the fish in refrigerator or freezer. This is why people love seafood frozen product especially in the form of fish fillet because they are not easy to spoilage and can be used anytime unlike fresh fish products.
When you want to use the frozen fillets, take out from the freezer and then thaw it properly. After that marinate the fish fillets with salt and pepper to strengthen the flavor, marinating process just need to spend few minutes. Cook the fillets according to your like, you can choose your favorite recipes and you can even replace other fish ingredients with milk fish. The soft white flesh is suitable for many recipes.
How if I want to get fresh milkfish fillet?
It is okay if you want to get your hands on fresh product, although we understand not all people have access for that. If you want to fillet whole round fish, make sure you buy large milk fish because if you insist to use smaller milkfish due to the lower price then it will be more difficult to fillet them. You will need more time to fillet smaller milkfish and you can even get few meats left.
When you buy whole round milkfish to cut into fillets later, then several things you need to look for such as:
-          Buy fish with bright and clear eyes
-          No visible sign of discoloration, dull eyes, and dry skins
-          The gills are deep red and appear fresh
-          No bad odor or fishy smell, the fish should smell like ocean water
-          When touched with slightly pressure, the flesh of the fish should spring back
DIY milkfish fillet at home needs spend so much time, and thus if you do not want to do it alone then just buy milkfish fillet products.

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