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Thursday 28 September 2017

Health Benefits of Carrageenan Nutrition for Digestion

It is important to learn about health benefits of carrageenan when you consider consuming this substance. You might already know that there are a lot of products, including foods which contain carrageenan inside the ingredient list. Actually this substance can be categorized as polysaccharides since it still stand in the same group. And if you do not know the substance it is derived from red seaweed edible species. Furthermore, this substance also has properties which able to gel, stabilize as well as thicken different substance which mixed with it. The properties are because of its ability to bind into protein inside the substance which mixed with it. That is the reason, this substance often used inside diary product as well as juice and even infant formula.

What are health benefits of carrageenan?
But prior you learn about the health benefits of carrageenan, you might be interested in also learning about the production process of this substance. The first process that the production needs to go through is to get the raw material which is the red seaweed which actually has thousands of species and only tens of them are used until now. This red seaweed is actually already farmed, thus it is quite easy to get it as the raw material. The farmer which harvest the red seaweed will also dried the raw material since only then it can be send to the factory location which might be very fall.
Inside the carrageenan factory, then the raw material that they received will be grind so it will be in more suitable size to be processed further. Then the sifting process is done so the sand which accidentally mixed with it can be removed. Next is the washing process which needed to get rid unwanted material inside thoroughly. Now this raw material is already clean so it is ready to be used to make the substance which you want to learn about the health benefits of carrageenan later on.
Next process that is done in production of carrageenan is to soak the clean raw material with alkali solution. The solution that is usually used is potassium hydroxide even though some other solution might be used according to the factory specification. Then the whole mixture will be heat up to create the carrageenan which comes out from the red seaweed along with some cellulose inside.
To remove the cellulose, then mechanical processes will be done such as filtration procedure and centrifugation procedure. Then evaporation procedure is the next process which done to remove the last reminds of the liquid which then create more solid carrageenan. Last is to grind that solid carrageenan and make it into powder form.
Now move on to the health benefits of carrageenan which is very beneficial to have. First is that this substance has antioxidant content inside since it is also made from sea vegetable. This antioxidant is able to help your body to fighting bad effect of free radical; this is why many health supplements also use carrageenan as one of its ingredient. Furthermore the type of carrageenan which used inside the health supplement is the lambda type since this substance can easily be dissolved using cold temperature water.
Next is the carrageenan also able to regulated bowel movement since it is actually a fiber since it is created using seaweed which is also vegetable that is the same as other vegetable on land. Thus by consuming this substance it is able to support the work of your digestive system. You can easily find health supplement which used to support digestive system which also includes this health benefits of carrageenan. Consuming health supplement with carrageenan also able to help with the gastric discomfort by relieve the symptoms. It also able to reduce irritation inside the stomach which is another benefit you might want to have.
Of course, it is easier to consume health supplement with carrageenan as one of the ingredient when you want to get its benefits. However, if you can get fresh product, then it might be better to consume it fresh using traditional method which actually already done for hundreds of years. Then again both methods can be done when you want to get these health benefits of carrageenan for your own benefits since they are useful.

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